5 Best Washer And Dryer Combo

Are you planning to buy a perfect easy to carry light weight portable washer so here are 5 best washer and dryer combo, here is table to show top portable washer.

Top Portable Washers 2020



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Black+Decker BPWM

Compact feature

Pyle Portable Washer

Timer Feature

Mini hand washing machine

Easy to fit in bag

Compact dryer

Easy to carry and attach with wall

Twin Tub

large capacity upto 8kg


  • A portable electric It allow you to clean cloths easily without folding your sleeves.
  • Portable washer easy to carry can be used for tracking, traveling and so and so.
  • Less Time Consuming it takes 20 min to make your cloths like new one.
  • Affordability price and really value for money
  • Convenient for cloths up to 8 kg use for camping and apartment.

Since we'v 5 best washer and dryer combo, we should investigate the experts, cons, and in general rating of every unit.

1.BLACK+DECKER BPWM16W Portable Washer, White

Do you have space for a laundry? Think again. It become a complicated task if you live in a tiny apartment this black decker portable washer is cubical in size its easy to move.

Giantex Portable Washer


  • 6 cycle of washing Normal, Heavy, Delicate, Quick, Bulky, Spin mode.
  • It include whole accessories make it easy to work.
  • Take care of children once open stop instantly.
  • Compact you can easily port it for camping, trips etc.
  • High hd display operating easy to operate.



  • 0.84 cubic fit easy to carry for camping.
  • Wash cloths in 6 modes neat and shining washing.
  • Advance auto shut feature.
  • Most suitable for apartment and traveling.

2. Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer

Easy to use portable washer rotary control it is mini washing machine 120 watt motor and 33lbs capacity.

Best Choice Portable Washer


  • Easy to use: The portable washer and dryer combo is easy to use just put detergent in it.
  • Capacity: 120-watt motor and a capacity of 33 lbs perfect for laundry loads.
  • Timer: Timer feature easy to set timing.



  • Easy washing with timer feature for washing and spinning.
  • 120-watt motor and a capacity of 33 lbs
  • Doesn't require any specific installation from plumbing.
  • Ideal for small laundry load.

3. Portable Washing Machine Small Mini Hand Compact

This is the hottest product in the market out there, it is selling like anything  it is very small even put in your bags and travel free and wash whenever required just put in bucket and clean.

Portable washer


  • Easy to use: Put water in bucket and put washer and clean your cloths.
  • Portable size: You can easily use this machine for camping and trips.
  • Easy cleaning: It requires only 15 min to clean the dogs.



  • It's portable washer easy to carry in bags.
  • while traveling, tracking can be easily used.
  • 150W motor wash capacity 3 kg.
  • 5 to 8  cloths can be washed at one time.
  • You can wash rain coat bike cover etc.

4. Portable Compact Cloth Dryer

It is easy to use and really amazing technique to soak cloths very compact in suitable to carry anywhere can also be attached with wall.

Della Portable Washer


  • Easy to keep : TYou can easily use and compact and also include wall mount perfect for small living space.
  • Stainless steel drum: It embedded with stainless steel drum and transparent lid.
  • wattanty: It includes one year warranty.



  • Easy to use this perfect dryer what you need.
  • Perfect for small areas and include wall mount to hang on walls if required.
  • 2.65 cubic capacity
  • Only used for drying the cloths.

5. Portable Washing Machine, Compact Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer

This is durable and easy to use product and suitable for camping and travel purpose large capacity around 8kg cloths in one wash.

Black Decker Portable Washer


  • Large capacity: This machine caring large capacity easy to wash cloths in bulk.
  • Space : It requires limited space to carry it is best option of car traveling and camping.
  • ABS material: It is made up of abs material.



  • Advance filtering option easily clean the garbage during washing.
  • Best choice of traveling very compact size easy to carry.
  • 8 kg washing capacity and 6kg dryer capacity.
  • Maximum water temperature: 50 ° C


Looking for perfect portable washer no worries the shown above are amazing portable washer easy to use and well very trusted brand.

out of these portable compact mini is perfect for you if looking for traveling must go for that and easy to fit in bags pocket . 

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